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If you are feeling stuck with any of your assignments, try some of these techniques to get you going again.

Think around your research question
Instead of trying to find the answers, firstly, see if you can come up with more questions.
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What should I do when I get stuck?
The freewriting technique from creative writing is just as effective for essay and dissertation writing.
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Creative insight
If you are trying to resolve a particular problem in your writing, use these prompts for some freewriting.
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student reading in cafeGet a new perspective
Some ways to generate fresh ideas
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Image credit: elisandropootcarrillo / Pixabay
Overcoming writer’s block
Sometimes you need to get away from your desk and move around to get the ideas flowing.
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Image credit: Simon Goldstein
Writing tipsJust do it
Just start scribbling down your ideas without worrying about the quality of the writing.
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