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In the current circumstances Consultant Fellows are providing innovative, interactive online writing workshops and online one-to-ones. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help.


Royal Literary Fund
Consultant Fellows

Find accredited professional writers to run workshops and other learning activities for students or staff in your university

Looking for a writing expert who can help transform the writing capabilities of  your students and staff? Someone with in-depth knowledge and understanding of different writing genres who can apply this expertise to academic writing?

Consultant Fellows (CFs) are successful published writers, with expertise in facilitating group activities. They run writing workshops and other interventions that last from half a day or less to several days to meet the exact needs of your students or staff.

Who we are

What we do

All CFs have been Royal Literary Fund Fellows, with at least two years’ successful experience tutoring university students in writing. They then undertake practice-based training, accredited by the RLF, to facilitate writing activities in universities with undergraduates, postgraduates and staff. Between them, CFs have far-reaching teaching and training experience, across universities, colleges, schools and commerce.

What marks out CFs as special is their in-depth, living knowledge and understanding of the practices of writing, which they are able to nurture in others. CFs are expert, insightful and inspiring, as are the activity-based workshops and other learning interventions they offer.

CFs understand the needs and concerns of HE. They engage with communities of practice and collaborate with colleagues in the sector, and research and refine their writing interventions to ensure they have lasting impact. As approaches to writing development evolve in response to emerging agendas, such as TEF and the revised REF, CFs have the flexibility to provide well-matched interventions.

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