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Who’s listening?

Nothing is more paralysing than speaking to people who know more than you do about the very thing you’re speaking about. Students sometimes write badly for a related reason. They write with defensive terror, knowing the person reading the essay…

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Voice and tone

When you are attempting to find the correct tone as a novelist or student, study the tonal technique of the authors you admire - their words, phrases, sentence and paragraph structure.
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Writing with empathy

Empathy helps you to understand and engage your readers. If you identify what drives your audience, you will have your readers in the palm of your hand.
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Finding your voice

Finding your voice is as important for academic writers as for novelists. When writing on a subject about which you care deeply, your voice will come through loud and clear.
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What’s your investment in your writing?

To find your voice as an author, whether you are writing a thesis or a novel, bring your own subjectivity to your work: the filters that colour everything you think, see, remember and value - and your curiosity. This is your investment in your writing.
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