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The training that Royal Literary Fund Fellows undergo, to be accredited as Consultant Fellows (CFs) and placed on the CF register, is led by a highly experienced mentoring team. Between them, the mentors have more than two decades’ experience providing a wide range of successful writing-related, outcome-focussed workshops and other activities in Higher Education.

  1. To be accredited, trainee Consultant Fellows undergo intensive training, in which they design and facilitate group activities for students. They are observed by mentors, and by each other, and developmental feedback is gathered systematically from participants and observers.
  2. Trainees then engage in work experience at one or more of 30 universities involved in the CF training scheme. During such placements trainees receive feedback on their practice from student participants, observers and the university client.
  3. Finally, when trainees have completed the earlier phases of training satisfactorily, they must demonstrate their commitment to reflective practice by keeping learning logs and other records, and by writing a critical reflective account. This integrates their knowledge of learning and teaching frameworks with their ongoing practice.
  4. Once the training is completed successfully, a trainee becomes accredited as an RLF Consultant Fellow and added to the CF register.
  5. To stay on the register, Consultant Fellows must document ongoing practice and undertake continuing professional development. To benefit from each other’s experience, CFs meet regularly online in themed and creativity boost sessions, face-to-face on training days, and through several online forums. Such activities help keep us all abreast of the latest writing, teaching and learning practices in HE.

The initial training, and subsequent annual reviews, help ensure that Consultant Fellows operate at the highest level, providing a top-class, professional service to client universities and their students and staff.


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