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Writer talking to group

The RLF Consultant Fellows’ Register has 21 members, including novelists, tv and radio writers, playwrights and poets, and non-fiction writers such as biographers, columnists and journalists, and genre specialists in archaeology, education, fashion, food, history, music and science.

Together, the Consultant Fellows (CFs) have forged a community of writers ready to share their expertise to inform and inspire others to write with power, precision and creativity.

The Register builds on the work that RLF Fellows have been undertaking in universities across the UK since 1999. The primary focus of the Fellowship scheme was working one-to-one with students on essay writing. It became clear, however, that there was a larger role for writers to play in facilitating writing development with groups of undergraduates and postgraduates, and in enhancing the professional development of researchers and other staff.

The Consultant Fellows training programme has been developed to hone the expertise that experienced professional writers bring to the sector. It helps ensure that CFs are up-to-date with the latest learning developments, and deliver the highest standards of professional practice in running writing workshops and other activities for the benefit of university clients.

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