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Consultant Fellows offer a bespoke service, tailoring learning interventions to meet your needs and those of your staff and students. They are familiar with TEF and REF developments, and many attend learning and teaching conferences where they give presentations and run workshops.

Consultant Fellows operate within Royal Literary Fund guidelines for good practice, but act as independent consultants offering a cost-effective service.

Visit the Finding the right person page and contact one or more Consultants that best fit your enquiry. Examples of activities they facilitate include (all have also been adapted as highly interactive online sessions):

  • essay-writing workshops for undergraduates: 1-2 hour, half-day, full-day or longer
  • immersives: extending over 2 days or more and providing a blend of in-depth group work combined with one-to-one guidance
  • one- to two-day workshops for staff and postgraduates aimed at increasing publication quality and productivity
  • conference presentations or keynote speeches
  • workshops for international students, helping them adapt to UK academic writing practices

If you are unsure what kind of learning intervention would be most appropriate – whether online or face-to-face – feel free to discuss your requirements. Consultant Fellows are prepared for your exploratory enquiries.

Consultants provide a fully-rounded service, from first contact to embedding the learning in staff or student work practices. They are committed to ensuring the best possible service to clients. Consultants maintain long-term contact with universities, shaping learning interventions that evolve year on year.

The CF programme is committed to evidence-based good practice. It collaborates with researchers at Glasgow Caledonian and other universities to test the effectiveness of CF interventions.

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