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Searching for a Consultant

Consultant Fellows each bring different qualities drawing upon their experience and interests.

You might, for example, want to find a Consultant to:

  • improve essay-writing outcomes for first year undergraduates
  • help trainee teachers to run creative writing activities with children
  • guide scientists needing to make their research accessible to non-academic audiences without compromising academic rigour

There are three ways to search for the right person to match your enquiry:

  1. At the right of the page, choose your ideal match using one or more of five categories for the activity you wish to run: discipline(s); topic area(s); target participant(s); type of activity; and/or the Consultant’s writing background. You can choose one or more criteria for a particular category, or simply choose ‘Any’ for that category.
  2. View all Consultants to find those most suitable
  3. Enter simple search terms in the box at the top right of the page e.g. ‘essay, first year, undergraduates, humanities’ or ‘creative writing, trainee, teacher, primary’ or ‘science, research, communication, public’

You can use the contact page if you have a general enquiry. You will normally receive a reply in two working days.

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