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Get a new perspective

student reading in cafe
Image credit: elisandropootcarrillo from Pixabay

Sometimes when you’re immersed in a writing project, academic argument or tricky email, you get stuck. How can you view the situation from a new perspective and gain the insight to progress?

To see your work in a new light, try the following:
1. Take a break in which you do something completely absorbing, but completely different. You’ll return to the work refreshed.
2. Work somewhere different to see things from a new angle. Write in a café, a laundrette, the library — or just move your desk.
3. Switch to another project and then come back to the problematic one.
4. Leave a piece of work overnight or for a few days to ‘grow cold’ before you begin editing. It will help you to achieve objectivity and spot the necessary changes.

Heather Dyer
2 May 2019

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