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Let your unconscious do the work

Writing tipsSometimes our unconscious mind knows the answer before our conscious mind does. Here’s how to harness the power of the unconscious when working on assignments:
1. Start early. Make notes on what you think the answer might be, even before you’ve done any research. This prompts your unconscious to start mulling it over.
2. Alternate between research and writing up your notes. Writing about what you’ve just read, in your own words, will help your unconscious to process the information before you continue to research.
3. Stop and start. Taking a break or working on two assignments gives your unconscious time to work on one problem while you are busy with another. When you return to the first assignment you will bring a fresh perspective — and maybe new insights.
4. If you finish early, don’t hand your assignment in just yet. There’s still time for your unconscious to wake you in the night and provide another insight.

Heather Dyer
25 January 2017

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