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How is a paragraph like a brick?

A paragraph is a building block containing just one idea. The first sentence of a paragraph tends to make the point. This is the ‘topic sentence’. Next, there might be a sentence or two explaining or elaborating on the idea, followed by a few sentences that discuss the idea, using examples and evidence. The final sentence sums up the point of the paragraph and might link to the next idea. A solid argument is built idea by idea, paragraph by paragraph, the way bricks build a wall. If you find it difficult to sum up the main point of your paragraph in just one sentence, perhaps your paragraph contains more than one idea and needs dividing. If you can’t identify the main point, maybe this chunk of text doesn’t deserve to be a separate paragraph. Make these checks to ensure that all of your paragraphs are solid bricks in the building of your essay.

Heather Dyer
21 March 2018

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