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Proofreading On Paper

Effective proofreading

Proofreading is a final check on a piece of finished work, so make sure you don’t start before you’ve, well, finished. Publishing houses send their proofs out to specialist proofreaders, but if you are proofing your own work, you need…

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How to concentrate

You can strengthen your ability to concentrate, like a muscle. Try these three methods to improve your focus.
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How to quote in your essay

Quoting other writers in your work shows that you are engaging closely with the sources you are citing and can back up your ideas with evidence. Here are three ways to include direct quotes: 1 Integrate the quote in your…

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Transition words

Transition words and phrases help your work to flow smoothly from one paragraph to the next. They act as a helpful signpost.
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Mind Map

Effective revision

Declutter your workspace and make some flashcards or mind maps to summarise the key information you need to revise.
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