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Keeping motivated

When you’re working from home alone, it can be incredibly difficult to stay motivated to complete your assignments. Doing the following three things might help.

1 Treat yourself

In yoga, they say that the hardest move is getting to the mat. Add something enticing to your routine so it easier to get to your desk: a perfect cup of coffee or uplifting music. Make your workspace appealing with photos or plants.

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You may want to launch into your most difficult task first, when your energy levels are high. But if this feels intimidating, start with the quick, simple jobs; re-read part of what you wrote yesterday or proofread a section.

Set yourself a ‘hard stop’ at a certain time and reward yourself when you’ve finished. You might decide: ‘I’ll do an hour (or write a page) before my favourite TV show/ event/ dinner.’ Or maybe ‘I’ll finish this tonight so that I can take the day off tomorrow.’

2 Be accountable to someone else

Buddy up with a friend or classmate. You could set yourselves deadlines every week and message each other to check if you met them. Some people pledge to donate to a charity if they don’t meet their goals. Consider joining an online Shut Up and Write session to write with others in real time.

3 Work somewhere new

Changing where you work can be refreshing and even provide a new perspective. Try working at a different table, or in another chair. And remember that ‘writing’ doesn’t always happen at the desk. Insights also arise when you’re reading, looking out of the window, walking or doing household chores.

Heather Dyer
28 January 2021

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