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Add verbal highlights

Want to inject energy into your writing? Try turbocharging your verbs to make your writing more powerful - James McConnachie explains how.
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Who’s listening?

Nothing is more paralysing than speaking to people who know more than you do about the very thing you’re speaking about. Students sometimes write badly for a related reason. They write with defensive terror, knowing the person reading the essay…

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Reading In University Library

Reading for an overview

How can you quickly grasp the essence of an article and work out if it will be useful to you? First, read the abstract, which summarises the article. Check the introduction and then the conclusion. If the content appears relevant,…

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When the blank page is your friend

I’m always reading about the tyranny of the blank page, the terror of starting something new. But once you’ve got going, when you’re drafting, and especially when you’re editing, the blank page can be your friend. When I can’t see…

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