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A fresh pair of eyes

student with pile of booksIt’s always useful to ask a colleague, friend or family member to look over your work — or exchange the favour with a researcher in a different field. Agree with your reader that they will look at the writing rather than the content. If it’s a good piece of writing, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the topic; you should be able to follow the argument and spot any gaps in the logic. To make the task manageable, ask your reader to check only the section you feel needs the most attention. Allowing time in your schedule to seek and incorporate feedback will help you to improve your writing.

Lucy English
16 January 2020

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Getting quality feedback on your work-in-progress

It is vital to get quality feedback on your manuscript by approaching the right person for each aspect of your writing: an expert on the subject to check the content; your supervisor or a colleague to check the argument; a trusted friend with good writing skills to check the grammar and punctuation.

Printing your work

Printing a draft is like taking out a map halfway through a journey to remind yourself of where you’re going.

‘Your academic writing isn’t academic enough.’

Focus on using powerful, single-word verbs to make your writing more formal.

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